ZPX - Play Zipped Sample Packs

Announcing the release of ZPX (beta), a new sample player plug-in with auto-mapping and zip file loading capabilities. It can load mapping files (sfz, zpm) as well as zipped sample libraries (.zip, .zpk). It has a simple auto-mapping system that works with WAV files and unmapped samples contained in a zip file. It has in-built save-as functions that let you export the mapping as SFZ or even package the entire library as a ZPX Pack (.zpk) with just one click. ZPX turns your samples into complete instruments in seconds. Get ZPX here.

continue published on September 23, 2018
Vocal Spread

Vocal Spread, as the name suggests, "spreads" the audio signal across the stereo field to add some dimensionality or space to sounds that are usually recorded in mono, such as vocals. An optional channel delay feature further enhances this effect.

Back By Popular Demand!
This plugin was originally released in 2009 and was discontinued after the release of Spreader, which had a similar functionality. Today people are still looking for this little plugin, so I've decided to update it and make it available again. Now it supports VST3 and 64-bit, among other improvements.

continue published on May 30, 2018
Provoc Grader VX - Rebirth

Provoc Grader has just been upgraded with a more powerful engine, a shiny new interface, and finally, VST3 and 64-bit support. The new version called, VX, marks the return of the Vocal Series (Provoc) and the 10th anniversary of Mildon Studios. Long-time users of Grader will be amazed at the improved response of the new Provoc Grader VX. Try it here.

continue published on March 11, 2018
Ten For Ten Flash Sale

To celebrate 10 years of building creative products we have put together a bundle of 10 that includes ClariFi, Overhead, LXR, Sekai80, Bluemix, Redmix, Exciter, Spreader, Grader, and the SF2 Guitar Pack for Strummer 3. Be sure to head on over to the store and try out the demos. Here's to another 10 years of bridge-the-gap solutions for music and audio!

Flash Sale has ended.

continue published on February 6, 2018
Cyber Weekend Sale!

Did you miss our big Mid-Year Sale? Here's another chance to grab the summer's best-sellers including ClariFi, Overhead, and Sekai80. It's Cyber Weekend!

Sale Expired

continue published on November 3, 2017
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Hi there! Since 2008, I have been sharing my applications and plugins through this website. My audio plugins and virtual instruments have been used by many music makers, producers, voice-over artists, and film-makers. I love building tools that can fuel creativity and spark new ideas.