Mildon Studios Legacy Plugin Collection
by  |  May 26, 2024

Music Technology combines my passion for music production and programming. Although it might seem like an obvious choice now, I didn't begin exploring music tech until I started working on my first album back in 2006. Throughout this process, I developed audio plugins to help me achieve the sound I wanted. In 2008, I launched the website Mildonstudios.com to host my mixing software. By 2010, as more people started using my software, I focused on developing more professional mixing and mastering plugins and migrated everything to a new home at Mildon.me.

After a long hiatus that began in late 2020 due to the pandemic, I'm excited to announce the return of some of my audio software. While I won't be able to provide ongoing support for these products, I believe they can still be valuable to many musicians today. I have compiled 18 of my legacy VST plugins into a single collection, now available for free.

VST Plugins Included:
  • 3D Panner
  • 30-Band Graphic EQ
  • Bluemix
  • ClariFi
  • Exciter LC
  • Grader LC
  • LXR 2.01
  • Strummer 3.5
  • Otobongo
  • Otomarch
  • Overhead
  • Redmix
  • Grader VX
  • Sekai 80
  • Sekai 85
  • Spike Panner
  • Spreader LC
  • Vocal Spread 2018

End of Support Information
All the plugins in this collection are legacy and haven't seen updates in quite a while. I'm sharing them because they might still be helpful to some. However, I can't update these plugins anymore or provide any technical support. They're offered as-is, with no future updates or bug fixes.

By downloading this collection, you acknowledge and accept this end-of-support information.