Krelman Computer: AI for Optimal Trading Strategies
by Mildon  |  May 25, 2024

Krelman Computer is an innovative technology designed to develop effective trading strategies for any cryptocurrency. It is trained using both live prices and historical price data, through an exhaustive simulation encompassing 196,000 unique parameter sets and over 5.3 million iterations per cycle. The system can formulate strategies aimed at delivering steady and reliable gains, providing greater resilience against prolonged bear markets and economic downturns.

I started working on Krelman back in February 2024, and I've been testing it for about 10 weeks now. I am amazed at some of its emergent features—things I did not explicitly program it to do but that it seems to be doing. For instance, one common strategy it creates is some form of cost-averaging. It also appears to have an understanding of current events and context, despite only having access to historical data. This can be explained as a case of "I've seen this before," yet it's astonishing how it organically adjusts the strategy to respond to subtle changes in price movement in a way that makes sense but would probably be impossible for a human to detect without any context.

It's too early to determine how effective it is, but I'm very happy with how it works so far. It is not an oracle. It cannot predict prices, nor is it a money printer. What it does offer is a strategy that eliminates emotions from trading. By simulating strategies against millions of potential market movements instantly, it ensures that every buy or sell decision is data-driven and informed, rather than a mere gamble.

I will be posting updates about this technology, including real-world results, in the near future. Stay tuned!