ZPX Sample Player (Beta)

ZPX is a sample player plug-in with auto-mapping and zip file loading capabilities. It can load and auto-map samples contained in a .zip or .zpk file, and will automatically parse embedded .sfz or .zpm mapping files if present. In-built save-as functions let you export the mapping code and package everything as a single-file ZPK instrument.

The auto-mapping feature relies on a very simple file-naming convention: note_vel.wav. For round-robin, you can use note_vel_x.wav, where x could be any letter or number. Both MIDI note names and numbers are recognized (e.g. C1_80.wav or 36_M.wav). For velocity, L | M | H (low, medium, high) are also accepted (note: this auto-mapping system is for version 1.01. A more advanced system will be implemented in version 1.02).

  • Load mapping files (.sfz, .zpm)
  • Load zipped sample libraries (.zip, .zpk)
  • Auto-mapping
  • Display Cover Graphics and Metadata
  • Key Solo'ing for Drumkits
  • Save Mapping as SFZ or ZPM (plus)
  • Built-in ZPK Packager (plus)
Compatible Formats
  • .sfz - mapping code based on the SFZ Specification
  • .zpm - mapping code based on the ZPX Mapping specification
  • .zip - may contain samples and a mapping file (optional).
  • .zpk - just a zip file with a different extension.
  • .wav - audio files can be loaded directly or from a zip file.
Still in the works...
  • Disk Streaming
  • Soundfont (.sf2) support
  • ZPX Editor (will replace SFZ Designer)
  • AU version (once everything's stable on the Windows version)
  • Full SFZ support (basic support already implemented)
  • 1.01 build 149 09-25-2018 - Updated appdata folder for windows 10.
  • 1.01 build 148 09-23-2018 - Initial release.
This plug-in is in Beta, and is still unstable in some hosts/systems. Thanks to Dan C. and others who have purchased licenses early, I have found major bugs that didn't turn up under my setup. I've temporarily disabled the 'buy now' button for the license. I'm currently re-working some GUI-related code to fix the problem. Feel free to download and test.

Download ZPX 1.01 for Windows - Free
Build 150 ZPX for Windows 7/8/10 DLL/VST3/x86/x64 (2.8 MB) Download
16 ZPK Instrument Packs (via Mediafire.com 75 MB) Download


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