ZPX Sample Player (Beta)

ZPX is a sample player plug-in with auto-mapping and zip file loading capabilities. It can load and auto-map samples contained in a .zip or .zpk file, and will automatically parse embedded .sfz or .zpm mapping files if present. In-built save-as functions let you export the mapping code and package everything as a single-file ZPK instrument.

The auto-mapping feature relies on a very simple file-naming convention: note_vel.wav. For round-robin, you can use note_vel_x.wav, where x could be any letter or number. Both MIDI note names and numbers are recognized (e.g. C1_80.wav or 36_M.wav). For velocity, L | M | H (low, medium, high) are also accepted.

  • Load mapping files (.sfz, .zpm)
  • Load zipped sample libraries (.zip, .zpk)
  • Auto-mapping
  • Display Cover Graphics and Metadata
  • Key Solo'ing for Drumkits
  • Save Mapping as SFZ or ZPM (plus)
  • Built-in ZPK Packager (plus)
Compatible Formats
  • .sfz - mapping code based on the SFZ Specification
  • .zpm - mapping code based on the ZPX Mapping specification
  • .zip - may contain samples and a mapping file (optional).
  • .zpk - just a zip file with a different extension.
  • .wav - audio files can be loaded directly or from a zip file.
Still in the works...
  • Disk Streaming
  • Soundfont (.sf2) support
  • ZPX Editor (will replace SFZ Designer)
  • AU version (once everything's stable on the Windows version)
  • Full SFZ support (basic support already implemented)
  • 1.01 build 149 09-25-2018 - Updated appdata folder for windows 10.
  • 1.01 build 148 09-23-2018 - Initial release.
Beta Version
ZPX is still in beta, and contains some bugs. Feel free to try it out, but please be aware that it may behave differently in some hosts. Please test it first before using in actual projects.

Download ZPX 1.01 for Windows - Free
Build 150 ZPX for Windows 7/8/10 DLL/VST3/x86/x64 (2.8 MB) Download
16 ZPK Instrument Packs (via Mediafire.com 75 MB) Download

Published on July 24, 2018


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