Add definition and clarity to any sound.
More Sale $5.25 9.95
Headphone calibration/correction tool.
More Buy $9.95
LXR Channel Delay
LXR lets you add offset (delay) to each channel of a stereo track up to 1000 ms.
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SF2 Guitar Pack for Strummer 3
High-quality Nylon, 12-String, Steel, and Doubled Steel soundfonts.
MS3 Buy Pack $5
Sekai 80
Achieve ultra-smooth compression even at very high ratios.
More Sale $19
Bluemix 1.02
Iron-out your tracks to perfection. Smart-EQ, Compressor, Exciter.
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Redmix 1.02
Create space in your mix instantly! 2D Panner + Haas effect.
More Sale $5
Spreader LC
State-of-the-art stereo widener. Widen while preserving Center-positioned sounds.
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Exciter LC
Elevate your sound, add warmth and brilliance. For tracks and complete mixes.
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Grader LC
Special split-band compressor designed for lead instruments and vocals.
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The Hot Bundle
Bluemix, Redmix, Grader, Exciter, Spreader, Sekai 80
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POWER Bundle
Exciter. Grader. Spreader. Pure power!
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Blue + Red Bundle
Bluemix and Redmix: a perfect combination.
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published on November 25, 2015