Vocal Spread

Vocal Spread, as the name suggests, "spreads" the audio signal across the stereo field to add some dimensionality or space to sounds that are usually recorded in mono, such as vocals. An optional channel delay feature further enhances this effect.

Back By Popular Demand!
This plugin was originally released in 2009 and was discontinued after the release of Spreader, which had a similar functionality. Today people are still looking for this little plugin, so I've decided to update it and make it available again. Now it supports VST3 and 64-bit, among other improvements.

Is this a stereo widener?
Yes and no. It's more like a 'mono widener' that you put on a stereo track (some DAW's, like Cubase for instance, differentiate between mono and stereo-output tracks). Your source file can be mono or stereo, but Vocal Spread will mix it down to mono before processing, and output wide stereo. Since the output is stereo, the track it's on must have stereo outputs as well to hear the effect.

Can I use this on instruments?
Many users do this, so I've tweaked it to have a more versatile response. Try it out, you might get interesting results.

Download Vocal Spread for Windows
2.00 Windows 7/8/10 VST (all variants DLL/VST3/x86/x64) Download

Did you purchase the old version of Vocal Spread?
Contact the developer to get the updated 32-bit version for free (for VST3 and 64-bit, a new purchase is required).

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Published on May 30, 2018


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