Strummer 3.5

Strum soundfonts (.sf2) and other VST instruments with this improved edition of Strummer 3. You can directly load any guitar library in .sf2 format or connect to another VSTi via MIDI-out. Use dedicated strum and mute keys to play full-strum rhythms, or switch to Freestyle mode to play solo and some light strumming.

Strummer 3 is the defining version of this plug-in line. It is the basis for more advanced versions such as Strummer S6 and S7, which are yet to be re-released. Check back often to see if the latest versions are already online. Meanwhile, enjoy Strummer 3!


Download Mildon Strummer VSTi
Version 3.5 Windows 7/8/10 32-bit VST 2.4 Download

Add-on: Guitar Essentials Soundfont Pack
A selection of 4 essential guitars in SF2 format (Nylon, Steel, 12-String, Doubled Steel)
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