Spreader LC

Spreader LC is a versatile stereo widener that lets you enhance and expand the stereo image while protecting center-positioned audio.

Spreader has two ways of widening the sound: mid-side and phase-shift.

Mid-Side mode (cyan button) separates the center from the sides and adjusts their levels. This is ideal for group tracks, stereo sounds, and for mastering. To protect center-positioned sounds from going weak, use the three 'C' faders to bring important sounds back into the mix.

Phase-Shift mode (purple button) adds minute amounts of delay to some parts of the signal to 'fatten' the sound. Instead of simply adding delay to one channel, it spreads frequencies across the stereo field and strategically adds delay only to certain parts. This enhances the sound while generating almost no phase-related artifacts. Useful for fattening mono sources. Try it on vocals!

Use on a stereo track. If your source audio is mono, put it on a stereo track and use the phase-shift mode. For best results, adjust the "Spread" fader until the Center peak is about the same level as or just above the Left and Right peaks.

Download VST 2.4 for 32-bit Windows XP/7/8.x/10

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