Provoc Grader VX

Provoc Grader VX is a vocal compressor built to be fast and precise. What's unique about Grader is that you can choose to apply compression to a range of frequencies and leave the rest of the spectrum untouched. This feature is best used on signals with high dynamic range (such as vocals), where you may want to preserve a lot of natural dynamics and still achieve a steady overall volume.

As a corrective tool you can use Grader to treat unwanted harmonics, proximity effect, mic saturation, and general sibilance.

Grader is very versatile and is not limited to vocals. When 'Resonance' is set to max (10), Grader functions as a normal compressor and can be used on a wide variety of instruments.

  • Thresh - Threshold (dB)
  • Freq - Frequency (Hz)
  • Solo Switch (monitor the 'wet' or compressed band)
  • Res - Resonance / Q / Bandwidth (1 Narrow - 10 Full Signal)
  • Ratio (x:1)
  • Bypass Switch (disables the plugin)
  • Attack (ms)
  • Rel - Release (ms)
  • Output (dB)
Download Provoc Grader VX for Windows
Build 015 Windows 7/8/10 32-bit VST 2.4/3 Download
Build 015 Windows 7/8/10 64-bit VST 2.4/3 Download
Demo's are fully-functional and have no disabled features.

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Published on March 11, 2018


Mildon Maducdoc
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