SFZ Designer Updated to 0.24 Beta

SFZ Designer - free visual sample mapper for Windows - has been updated to 0.24 beta with the following bug fixes:
  • Fixed drag n' drop project file loading bug.
  • Amplifier EG side fields are now exported in seconds (previously ms).
  • Region-level Volume and Pan no longer override the ones at group-level.
  • Fixed opcode validation crash with non-standard opcodes.
I'd like to thank the beta users who took the time to report the bugs via email and on KVR. Auto-mapper is coming next.

Amplifier EG
If you're already familiar with the SFZ spec, you would notice that envelope generators are expressed in seconds, not milliseconds. In SFZ Designer, the Amplifier EG fields are in milliseconds in order to provide a little bit of control when using the sliders. The exported values in the initial release were not being converted to seconds that's why it didn't work properly. Now they are converted to seconds during export.

How Volume and Pan are handled during export
In SFZ Designer you will find volume and pan controls on both the group panel and the samples sub-panel. In the initial release the controls in the sub-panel override the ones in the group panel. The values are simply copied at the group and region levels respectively during export. I have changed this in version 0.23 Beta so that the group-level controls also affect the sub-level controls, which is the implied behavior of the GUI. Basically, group-level Volume and Pan values are added to the sub-level ones.

Download 0.24 Beta

Published on March 8, 2015





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